Evaluation of the quality of medical services: 요양병원추천


In the quality of medical services, The aging population is an increase in elderly single women, chronic disease. This has led to an increase in the number of elderly people with dementia. These are physically, mentally, and economically dependent in 요양병원추천

It is a factor that increases the burden of support. Therefore, various

If you don’t pay attention to an old man’s problem, Where our society is threatened by the problems of the elderly. It could be sunset. Old age is a physical and mental illness.

At a time when health conditions are weak due to various health problems, such as;

Using the 2011 Survey on the Status of the Elderly, Woo Looking at the health and medical conditions of the elderly in Linara, we found that the elderly…

44.4 percent of them are negative about their normal health. It has been shown to recognize. Indeed, chronic disease in older people. The prevalence rate of reflux is 88.5%, which is due to various physical conditions. The burden of illness is great, which is why prescriptions.

Eighty-four percent of the elderly are on medication. It was reported that . Especially among senile patients. Others caused by enemies, intellectual, mental illness, etc. Dependent chronic senile diseases such as dementia, stroke, etc. The elderly population in need of care is increasing day by day. Chronic disease in which senile diseases require long- Expansion and specialization of nursing hospitals as the exchange trend changes;

Red care services have become necessary.  Many nursing homes have been established in a short period of time. These Geriatric care hospitals continue to grow.

The transition from a general hospital to a nursing home for the elderly is ongoing.

There is a marked increase. Care for the elderly at the government level in response to the aging trend;

Services and health care for the elderly. Geriatric care at a time of growing interest. The importance of the circle will be highlighted further. Intensifying competitiveness and facility costs due to the increase in medical institutions;

Increased economic burden and higher health care. Expectations of silver, etc. are new to medical organizations;

I’m calling for the Young Paradigm, one of them. Interest in customer-centered marketing is increasing. That is understanding customer needs and the quality they want.

By providing products and services, healthcare organizations have been able to provide customers with services. We can provide the best satisfaction for them and through this, Minimize customer exit rates and gain the ultimate competitive advantage. It is possible to secure. Like this, it’s a medical institution.

Quality medical care for survival and sustained growth. Services required by consumers along with service provision. To induce consumer satisfaction by providing quality of This has become a very important task. But so far Healthcare quality studies conducted are common. A study focused on hospitals providing medical services.

In part, assess the quality of health care in nursing homes.

The empirical and systematic research that we analyzed is very rich.

It’s enough.

Therefore, this study is based on the model of Kano.

Give elderly people by evaluating and analyzing attractiveness factors.

Medical care at the geriatric hospital as a key client.

Contributing to the improvement of service quality, and furthermore, nursing hospitals for the elderly;

Based on the development of hospital management strategies to strengthen the competitiveness of;

I would like to provide data.

Set specific research objectives to:

It was.

First, the provisions on the quality of care for the elderly.

We derive the subjects and classify them as attributes.

Second, between the level of expectation and satisfaction of healthcare services.

Compare and analyze the differences between.

Third, based on the Kano model, Vavra (1997)[8] is the best.

Healthcare with the proposed Revised IPA Matrix

Assess the quality, analyze attractiveness factors.


Quality of medical service

Consumers expect services and actual services.

Service quality is recognized by comparing the performance of S.

The quality of service that consumers perceive is  the quality of medical services

A series of quality assessments, not just by looking at the bay.

Go through a process. Therefore, the quality of service is the mouth of the customer.

It’s something to think about in the chapter [9].

The composition and measurement of quality of healthcare is from the perspective of researchers

It’s applied differently depending on the purpose of the study.

We’re doing it, and it’s about the nature of the health service.

Discriminatory depending on who you measure.

It appears to be because it is being applied as [10]. Patient Side

The quality of health care in cotton is basically what they are.

It is explained based on the underground [11]. Care for the elderly

In a preliminary study of hospital health care quality,

Park Young-hyo et al. (2009)[12] is tangible, reliable, responsive, positive

Healthcare quality is a factor of divinity, empathy, and leisure.

Lee Woong-jae and Choi Ho-kyu (2010)[13] presented as factors.

typology, reliability, responsiveness, conviction, empathy, expertise,

We present factors of convenience, accessibility, and comfort. also

Yang Jong-hyun and Jang Dong-min (2012) [14] are professional, convenient, and approachable.

We presented gender and environmental factors. Kim Byung-yong and Jung Myung-ae

(2012)[11] is medical staff, administrative services, medical environment, incidental situations;

The cause of the Lunar New Year has been suggested.

Parasuraman as a way of measuring service quality.

Etc. (1985, 1988)[15][16] is Oliver (1980)[17]’s Expectation-Fire

Based on the consensus paradigm, the consumer’s perceptual scores are:

Measure service quality by gap score minus expected score

Cronin &, whereas, presented the SERVQUAL model.

Talyor (1992)[18] only works on the perceived quality of service.

We present a measuring SERVPERF. Medical supplies

Most of the domestic prior studies on quality.

Service quality was measured with SERVPERF. but

Based on the concept of Parasuraman et al. (1985, 1988)[15][16]

Medical services are also provided by medical institutions.

Patients shall receive medical treatment and other services;

Service expected and actual delivery prior to receiving service

Depending on the response you feel after you receive it, the quality of your medical service is the quality of medical services.

because there may be differences in Healthcare quality by measuring expected levels and satisfaction.

I’d like to evaluate.