long-term care services of 요양병원

long-term care services of 요양병원추천

long-term care services were set as a county and the case of the beneficiary as a point was set as a policy beneficiary;

Groups that have become policy beneficiaries of long-term care services for the elderly and groups that have become policy beneficiaries;

Set it as a comparison because it is highly likely to have similar characteristics in terms of Lunar New Year requirements

It is judged to be suitable for chi.

In this way, the name of the rating judge was selected primarily. Two to one chapter

As of the date of the year before the introduction of the Guitar Care Insurance a patient who had been hospitalized in a nursing hospital,

The policy recipient group was finally selected as the target.

During the process of selecting a subject, the subject was excluded from the study if:

First, those eligible for long-term care for the elderly under the age of three were excluded.

Second, a patient who has died within a year of the introduction of long-term care insurance to secure a minimum period of follow-up observation;

I applied for long-term care recognition in the year of Jawah, but due to the time required for screening, the results of the decision in the year…

We excluded those who came out.

This study introduces long-term care insurance to transfer patients to long-term care facilities.

It’s a study to see if it was, so there’s a possibility that the hospital will be closed and transferred to a long-term care facility.

It was necessary to exclude patients.

Lastly, from the National Health Insurance Service claim data, health insurance qualification data, health insurance premium disability, gender.

Missing patients, including age, were excluded.

Logit models are applied for binomial analysis and policy effect estimation

Estimation with linear probability model for ease of interpretation of values

The results were further presented. Long-term care is for the elderly who are eligible for long-term care insurance benefits.

It is defined as a nursing facility and a shared care home for the elderly, and the relevant facility shall be located in a nursing hospital by the date of the year;

If a patient is hospitalized and used at least once during the month of the month, it’s worth the money.

Other than that, it has all values, but the use of the service has not been considered and the dog has been discharged from the hospital.

Hospitalization and long-term care facility services for patients who have no records of hospitalization and establishment within a month;

Patients without both demands were excluded from the analysis.

In the second model, the number of days that an individual has resources in the default model exceeds the number of days that subtraction is applied.

It includes variable numbers, meaning whether or not, and includes policy-benefit variables and interaction terms.

The estimated amount of interaction δ has the effect of policy returns for each interval to which the number is reduced.

I checked to see if it appeared different. Hospitals with long-term hospitalization reduction effects due to additional headcount reduction.

A hospital with high rates of hospitalization to confirm the hypothesis that it will vary depending on the rate of hospitalization.

Subgroup analysis was conducted separately between and hospitals that did not.

The control variables used in the analysis are shown in the table. Population, sociological characteristics, age, gender, income level.

The main area was considered. Income level is based on health insurance subscriber eligibility information paid by subscribers.

I figured it out as a rule. Those eligible for medical benefits without paid insurance premiums are defined as the lowest income level.

Health insurance subscribers whose high-paid insurance premiums are identified shall be classified into the atmosphere and paid from the lowest medical benefits to the best;

It was classified into total income levels up to the premium level. The residential area is a special city in an urban area.

It was divided into metropolitan cities and sub-administrative districts, counties, and sub-administrative districts in farming and fishing villages; Health characteristics are

The Charleson Companion Disease Index and mortality proximity were considered. The Charleson Partnership Index is based on the date of the year.

Calculated by applying the weights determined according to residential and injured soldiers identified as medical use details for the previous year;

The proximity of death was based on the date of death, and the number of years remaining before the date of death.

I measured it up. Finally, the number of beds and long-term care beds in the area is a control variable.


Introduction of long-term nursing hospitals insurance

1. introduction of long-term care insurance

Before the introduction of long-term care insurance for the elderly, the hospitalization of long-term care in nursing hospitals was the best way to deal with it.

In the case of the elderly, long-term care insurance for the elderly is introduced and public long-term care services are available.

Hospitalization services will be superseded by the use of facilities. On the other hand, there is a long history of social or long-term hospitalization.

There has been discussion, but no congruent conceptual definition of it has been made.

It’s a different situation. In the main study of Kang Gun-saeng Kim Jung-sun, prior studies related to long-term hospitalization in Korea were found to be Long-term hospitalization, considering the fact that the number of hospitalizations has been used to reduce the number of days of hospitalization.

It was defined as a case of being hospitalized for more than a day in both hospitals.

In the meantime, long-term hospitalizations with reduced numbers will be reduced.

This will soon lead to a decrease in hospital income, which may lead to patient discharge, which is a cure.

It can lead to increased use of long-term care facilities by hospitalized patients. Also, nursing homes with low rates of hospital mobility.

In the circle, the effect of long-term care facilities for patients admitted to nursing hospitals – 요양병원 due to the reduction in the number of patients in the hospital.

It’s possible because a low rate of hospitalization has a low incentive to discharge inpatients, which means a decrease in numbers.

Even if an inpatient who is acidic is less likely to be discharged from the hospital than to be vacated,

It would be helpful in the hospital’s profitable aspects to keep hospitalized without being discharged without discharge.

2. Archive

The analysis used the NHS’s health insurance and long-term care for the elderly. The NHS’s health insurance and long-term care for the elderly are data from long-term care providers. For this study, health insurance and long-term care for the elderly were collected from year to year. Health insurance includes information on eligibility requirements for health insurance subscribers and medical recipients, age, disability, death information, and medical care claims that can identify medical use. Long-term care for the elderly includes data on the eligibility of applicants for long-term care services and information on long-term care providers using long-term care services.

3. Selection of research subjects

The process of selecting subjects is shown in the figure. In this study, there is an alternative to social hospitalization in nursing hospitals.

In consideration of the fact that the most direct long-term care service expected to be provided is a facility service, the study subjects are referred to as:

A person who is eligible for admission to long-term care facilities and a person who is not graded by a narrow margin;

In this study, the long-term care insurance for the elderly is recognized for the establishment of a policy beneficiary group and a comparison group;

We used the standard long-term care peak score. Long-term care insurance for the elderly was introduced in the month of the year.

At that time, the lowest score that needed to be recognized as an entry grade for long-term care service recognizers was a score.

When determining the beneficiary using multiple thresholds, even if it converges to the threshold value very approximately,

If you don’t reach the threshold completely, you’ll be classified as a non-beneficiary, so in this analysis, long-term care.

Compare recipients who receive points in close proximity to the minimum score classified as recipients of facility services;


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